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Miljan's Photo Miljan 26 Jan 2017

Hello, just started to use this great software. Developers, thank you very much for your efforts!

It would be good to have possibility to set how NanoCAD will open DWGs from windows explorer. Now, each dwg file is opened in new window, there is no possibility to open in new tab in already opened window (session). For example, DraftSight does it "by default". Of course, it is always possible to open new DWG file directly from NanoCAD (Open...) in new tab but this is not most practical in some cases.
Thank you.

FilleriMay's Photo FilleriMay 31 Jan 2017

Just wish I had a better computer to run it quicker! haha :)

Great software

99idea's Photo 99idea 27 Jul 2017

Thank you very much for your kindness.


Markitect54's Photo Markitect54 01 Aug 2017

I am an Autocad Architecture user at the office, and have a tough time working without the ADT walls, doors and windows. Files I open that have them substitute proxy objects and unless you explode them, you can't do anything with them.

This is one of the most powerful features of autocad. Any chance you will be able to add this??

Otherwise the software looks great and fills a great need.


Auum's Photo Auum 23 Oct 2017

Howdy - thanks for the free cad program!

Can we have (vlr-... commands implemented, please? Judging by the lack of results when searching for "reactor" on the forums, this doesn't seem to be a worry for many people... :-(

Silver's Photo Silver 27 Oct 2018

Saw it requested a few times but couldn't find if it has been added yet but I would also like to see 3DExtrude to extrude a polyline to a 3D shape.

piero's Photo piero 24 Apr 2019

Hi, i see nanocad free has two important limitations to be implemented

1) creation of a circle by 3 tangents
2) creation of geometric tolerances

please implemente these common and basic commands like autocad LT

jmbv's Photo jmbv 26 Apr 2019

How about an updated version of nanocad? Free version is now stuck on v5.
And more efforts on localizations, we need a spanish localization (i would like to contribute to it ) :).