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Transfer license to new laptop

PEC's Photo PEC 03 May 2019

I have a license installed on this laptop, but last week I damaged the machine (shot 100psi water right into the right side of it) and now the built in display doesn't work, only the external monitor. I am moving into a new laptop and would like to know what it takes to license version 10 of NanoCad Plus on my new laptop. Can I use the same serial number more than once or is there a procedure to move the license to the new PC?


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 06 May 2019

please send your serial number to Support Center support@nanocad.com

PEC's Photo PEC 07 May 2019

After digging further, I saw a warning that the license is not transferable, so I decided to purchase another license. It is so (relatively) inexpensive, and my old laptop is still somewhat functional so I will keep the old one as a desktop machine (since the built in monitor has failed) and added the new license to this new laptop. Thanks for the reply, though!