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Rotate Viewport - Paperspace

AutocadVet's Photo AutocadVet 12 Feb 2017

Hi, I am new to Nanocad although longtime user of Autocad..

Cant seem to find a way to get the viewport in a paperspace viewport to rotate.. (90)
I've tried rotating UCS - Z axis with no results..
Almost seems like a bug..

Any help is greatly appreciated.


AutocadVet's Photo AutocadVet 12 Feb 2017

This is Nanocad 5, and theres no DVIEW like in Cad..

AutocadVet's Photo AutocadVet 22 Feb 2017

looks like the only solution I found was to go VIEW, 3DOrbit, inside the viewport while in pspace, then rotate while adjusting Z axis over the origin, over and over again. Still havent found a way to type in an exact degree of rotation..

Hope this helps anyone dealin with the same issue.