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some UI thoughts nanocad SPDS


cristian balan's Photo cristian balan 07 Apr 2015

I'm trying the SPDS. I'm quite impress so far.
I am using nanocad on a laptop so the screen real-estate is important:

1. I am using the property / object / drawing explorer side-pane. If it already takes-up screen it would be nice if I can have a pane witch can receive toolbars instead having them scattered around the screen. Now I have hidden all toolbars except properties and snap (stick on top) and spds-main (floating by the side-pane). I heavily use the shortcuts from the command line for usual operations but for the rest I have to go to the menu.

2. It would be nice that the drawings tabs and model/paper tabs could be optionally hidden.

Other first impressions on UI:
- no easy way to see the list of aliases
- it appears the snap point cannot be introduced from cli during a command (mid, nea, end, int etc.) to override the snap settings
- the contextual menu on drawing-explorer pane should be more object specific (for example to be possible to reload/unload an external reference)


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