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what about Nanocad 3D..?

ffred2's Photo ffred2 12 Feb 2015

there was a post in the support portal nearly one year ago telling us that Nanocad 3D development has begun, but no news about it yet.
is it still in development, are you far from a beta version, can you give us an eventual roadmap and infos about what kind of features we can expect and what import/export possibilities could be available...??
well, that's many questions, but I'm really curious of what you could show in 3D. Nanocad 2D is really great and the same power in 3D will really be a killer app..!

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 13 Feb 2015

Hi Fred,
we will release new version of nanoCAD Plus with 3D-functions. I suppose, version will be available this summer-autumn.

ffred2's Photo ffred2 13 Feb 2015

ok, thanks.. can't wait to know what could be done with it.. :)