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thacket's Photo thacket 17 Sep 2014

Hello to All,

I have recently come across nanocad as a replacement for an older program that I am using called Vdraft. One feature that I really liked about Vdraft was the copy/move and paste format.

Say you had drawn a rectangle and wanted place a another smaller rectangle in the geometric center of the larger rectangle.

To select the smaller rectangle, you could select a single point or you could select "midway between" and select 2 points. The move point would be the midpoint of the 2 points selected. So, if you selected diagonal points of the smaller rectangle, the midpoint would be the geometric center of the smaller rectangle.

After selection, you could also select a single point to move to or select "midway between" in the move menu. Again, if you selected the 2 points as diagonal points if the larger rectangle, the move to point would be the midpoint between the 2 points selected. Geometric center again.

Press mouse after selection and you are done. This sounds more complicated that it actually is, but this feature saved me lots of time.

If Nanocad has this feature, which is possible since I am a brand new nanocad user, I haven't found it. I also suppose that this could be done in LISP.

Nanocad is a great procuct; keep up the good work and thank you for your time.

All the Best,

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 18 Sep 2014

Hello John,
as I understand, you have two rectangles and you want to move smaller rectangle to the centre of larger one?
You can do it simple in nanoCAD.
First activate Midpoint parameter of OSNAP, then select the MOVE command.
Select the rectangle and press Enter. Then hover the cursor over the middle of rect side - you would see small green triangle. Do the same with the adjacent side. Then hover the cursor to the centre - you would see two perpendicular lines, they will intersected in the middle of rect (see the image below).
Attached Image
Ckick this point, press Enter and do the same with larger rectangle.
Description is too big, in fact you will do it easy.

thacket's Photo thacket 18 Sep 2014


Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes that is an excellent way to do rectangles; I was using rectangles as a simple illustration.

Vdraft allows you to pick any two points with a mid point acting as a move point and any two points acting as a move to point. Very handy. Thanks again.

All the Best,

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 19 Sep 2014

nanoCAD can find the center of any line even spline. But if there is no line between two points, it can't find the center. Thanks for your wish, probably we will realize it in future versions.

RiosElevados's Photo RiosElevados 15 Jul 2020

NanoCAD me ha funcionado muy bien.