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Quick key for change layer

carmelo's Photo carmelo 06 Dec 2013

Hi all!
i like NanoCad software but i want personalize quick key for change layer in my prototype drawing.
Is it possible?

carmelo's Photo carmelo 07 Dec 2013

For exemple,

Ctrl+1=freeze layer number 1
Ctrl+2=freeze layer number 2

Alt+1=Unfreeze layer number 1
Alt+2=Unfreeze layer number 2
Ctrl+L=Freeze all layer
Alt+L=Unfreeze all layer

In other cad software it is possible...
Is it possible to customize it in NanoCad?
I hope yes...
Thank you

SevaM's Photo SevaM 09 Dec 2013

Hello Carmello,

it's possible, but take some hand work. You should create text file with name USERDATA.CFG in the nanoCAD folder and define custom commands for each action ( sample attached ).

For example, 4 commands to set layer 0 current, set layer 1 current, freeze layer 1 and unfreeze layer 1

weight=i30 |cmdtype=i1 |Caps = W0x34 |CapsDisable = W0x0
RealCommandName = ssetvar
Keyword = sCLAYER 0
StatusText=sSet layer0
ToolTipText=sSet layer0
DispName=sSet Layer 0

weight=i30 |cmdtype=i1 |Caps = W0x34 |CapsDisable = W0x0
RealCommandName = ssetvar
Keyword = sCLAYER 1
StatusText=sSet layer1
ToolTipText=sSet layer1
DispName=sSet Layer 1

weight=i30 |cmdtype=i1 |Caps = W0x34 |CapsDisable = W0x0
RealCommandName = s-layer
Keyword = sF 1^M^C
StatusText=sFreeze layer1
ToolTipText=sFreeze layer1
DispName=sFreeze Layer 1

weight=i30 |cmdtype=i1 |Caps = W0x34 |CapsDisable = W0x0
RealCommandName = s-layer
Keyword = sT 1^M^C
StatusText=sUnFreeze layer1
ToolTipText=sUnFreeze layer1
DispName=sUnFreeze Layer 1

We are using system variable CLAYER to set current layer and -layer command to freeze/unfreeze.
When you save userdata.cfg to the nanocad folder and start nanoCAD - you will have 4 more commands available.

Go to Tools - Customize - Interface dialog, Keyboard tab, choose All Commands.

Attached Image

Now you can define hot keys for all new commands.

Best regards,

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carmelo's Photo carmelo 09 Dec 2013

Thank you very much!

Last question: how to freeze and unfreeze all layer (except current layer)?

best regards

SevaM's Photo SevaM 10 Dec 2013

Hello Carmelo,

just use * instead of layer name - and all layers ( except current ) will be freezed. Also, for example you can use "1*" to freeze all layers starting with "1" and so on...

Best regards,