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About the Multiple-Language interface

huayuliang's Photo huayuliang 25 Nov 2013

Hi all,

NaNoCAD is a good software, but it only release separately with English and Russian.

I hope you release the Chinese version. as another suggestion, use the language file maybe more better.

of cause, if you would like to do this, I can provide this translation work.

that all.

SevaM's Photo SevaM 26 Nov 2013


you can join the Developer's Club - there is a special translation project. Really nanoCAD can be quite easy ( without help and documentation translation - it's a great job ) thanslated to any language.

Best regards,

Joyer Huang's Photo Joyer Huang 04 Jun 2019

+1 request for Chinese version。
I can offer part time help for the translation.
I want this because my 66 years old father want to use this software. but he can only read Chinese.