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Export flattend sheet as dxf

Wolfgang Preiss's Photo Wolfgang Preiss 30 Sep 2022

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Nano Cad 3D and Mechanica, and just purchased it a few days ago. I am currently dealing with a problem:

I designed a sheet with some holes and bending, and need to export the unbent outline as DXF so I can cut it at my laser cutter.

Is there a simple and easy way to explore sheets outline only?

I have tried to place the flattend piece in a new layout with 3d Tool/2D Views/projected view in a new layout and to export the layout as a new model area - this does not work, it does not take the part in the new file.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You


SevaM's Photo SevaM 03 Oct 2022

Hi! I have use nanoCAD to prepare DXF for CNC machine. Exported DXF will contains all objects, not only view, so I save drawing with new name, flatten it, delete all object not used by CNC or cutter then export to DXF.