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Pop Up Boxes Disappear

tbt100's Photo tbt100 23 Sep 2022


I usually use two screens when working and when i plot or change layout the pop up box will appear on the opposite screen to which i am working on.

However once i am disconnected to the secondary screen (when out of office) these boxes will not appear when i am just using the laptop making it impossible to plot or change layouts.

What do i need to do to ensure that the pop up boxes appears as normal when not using multiple screens?


Artemio's Photo Artemio 26 Sep 2022

Pop-up window appears in main window.
Main - is what you get after starting the program.
When you undocking window from main it became floating, but pop-up window still appears in main.
When you working on two screens then switching to one please, try to ensure, that your working window, is one with main window.