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Warning! Some complex objects cannot b...

brad vinke's Photo brad vinke 05 Aug 2022

Warning! Some complex objects cannot be saved in DXF format consistently. To prevent data loss use DWG format instead.

is there any way to get rid of this nag? I am editing multiple DXF files and it nags me on every file.

Artemio's Photo Artemio 15 Aug 2022

Can you, please, send me your drawing?

John H's Photo John H 01 Dec 2022

I have the same issue. Wasn't able to find any way to disable in Options > Application preferences > Save Documents.

File is already a .dxf. Surely we can have an option to disable this warning or a checkbox on the popup to acknowledge and not receive the warning again.

I can't send file as drawings are confidential. You should be able to recreate the issue by opening any .dxf file, making any chance (draw a line for example), and attempting to save.


Version: 22.0.5984.3737
Build: 6093