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Document file does not open immediately at...

Song Dong's Photo Song Dong 08 Jun 2022

I used nanocad v20, and I installed v22.
However, if I set v22 as the default program and open the file, only new document(Untitled1) opens and my file needs to be imported separately to open it.
The same thing happens on two PCs, is it an error?

Artemio's Photo Artemio 08 Jun 2022

Does this repeat after reboot?
If you click right mouse button on your drawing and select "properties" - what app is settled to open it?
After you once opened your drawing does it still opens empty platform after you double click on it?

Song Dong's Photo Song Dong 09 Jun 2022

Yes, the program is set to nanocad v22.
And even if I double-click on another file with the the program open, nanocad loading starts and a new empty platform opens.
Drawings can only be opened by entering an open command from nanocad or drag and drop.