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Exporting 3D Models with Colour

j6a's Photo j6a 27 Apr 2022

Hi All,

I use NanoCAD v22 with 3D modelling module.

When I create a 3D model of an object, different parts of the model have different colours.

When I export the model as either SAT or STEP, when the file is imported into another software package (ABB RobotStudio for example), the colours are all lost. I can import STEP/SAT models created by others in a different CAD package and the colours come through OK.

Is there something I can do differently, or is it just the NanoCAD cannot include the colours in the exported files?

Artemio's Photo Artemio 24 May 2022

I've just tried it with online viewer autodesk.
Created 3D solid in NanoCAD, edit solid faces with different colours, then exported it in .step format and open it in online autodesk viewer.
Colours remains the same as it was.
What different CAD packages are you using?
Can you try to open your .step file in autodesk online viewer to see if it'll save colours?

j6a's Photo j6a 24 May 2022

Hi Artemio,

I mostly use ABB RobotStudio to import SAT files created by nanoCAD. What I have been doing is changing the colour of the model in NanoCAD by using layer colour. Whenever this is exported the solid is a grey colour.

I used the 'SolidEdit' command as you suggested to edit the colour of the faces and then everything works well. This takes a bit longer, but gets the job done for now.