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A place to exchange *.dwf files

Izno63's Photo Izno63 08 Apr 2022

What i like there to be at this forum is a rum/place where we could exchange our dwf files.
Ex. If some have made a speciel lamp in 3D or in 2D and wants to share it with others so they don't need to draw it all over from new. It could also be some small parts like nuts and bolts or other standard parts that each individual will not necessarily sit and nerd in drawing as others would like to draw for them, then they would be able to exchange them via this forum / page and at the same time could NanoCAD get a lot of parts to put into NanoCAD 23 as standard materials buy saying that all you lay up on the forum has NanoCAD the copyright to.

Artemio's Photo Artemio 08 Apr 2022

Suggestion of exchange any files here is a great idea.
It's kinda open source in drawing.
A lot of special objects such as bolts etc already are in vertical products such as NanoCAD Mechanica or Construction.
I'm not sure if it's make sense to worry about possibility of forced getting users drawings into platform.
The only thing might kinda obstack this undoubtedly good idea is memory restriction for uploads.
But there is hope it might change.

Izno63's Photo Izno63 09 Apr 2022

Yes but the object in Mechanica and Construction are in 2D and not in 3D so when your are sitting and working in 3D they are not so easy to work with.
The users shall not be forced to lay there drawing up but giving a possible to do it, and no it shall not be hole drawing over some machine or what ever they are working with but very simple things you are using ex. a clips or a wheel or something like that others can take in to there drawings insted of they have to make it all over again for them self. A kind of book with simple drawings you would like to include in your drawing, but do not bother to sit and spend hours drawing first.

Artemio's Photo Artemio 09 Apr 2022

Redirected your idea to senior colleagues, so to have it in backlog of ideas to improve forum.
Thanks for your unindifferent and practical ideas!