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Drag a 3d into the tip of the object and n...

Izno63's Photo Izno63 30 Mar 2022

Can you make it so that you can draw e.g. a cylinder out in the tip to / down to another point? Eg. if you draw a drain from a sink and over to a well, then the drain (cylinder) must fall a bit, this is difficult today as you can only rotate the cylinder at one end and if it is long it is impossible to hit where you want the cylinder to be. It would be a good thing if you could pull it down outside where the cylinder is to be connected.

Artemio's Photo Artemio 01 Apr 2022

Hello, Brian.
Let me suggest trying interesting feature allowing to draw sophisticated pipes/drains/cylinders.
1. In 3D mode (UCS shows all three axes) draw a circle representing start of pipe and it's diameter.
2. Using OSNAP "Center" draw path of this pipe. For example, select "Spline" which head connect to the center of circle and tail to the place where pipe supposed to end.
3. In "3D Tools" tab select "Modeling modes" = "Direct" and "Direct Modeling" = "Sweep".
4. On prompting to "Select objects to sweep" select your circle and click Enter, then, on prompt to "Select sweep path" select your line connected to the center of the circle.
5. Appears pipe (cylinder) starts from where circle was and ends where path line ends following all line curving.
Knowing you're experienced user and might already tried this variant, please, let know was it helpful or we should look for another solution.

Izno63's Photo Izno63 02 Apr 2022

Hi again Artemio
Now you are a little cunning in your solution :huh: , I just need it translated into Danish so I fully understand what you want me to do. ;)
But I'll probably give it a try. It's just a little time :) :D

Izno63's Photo Izno63 02 Apr 2022

Ok, after a little effort and hassle, I found a solution.
Make a circle from the draw in the SW look way.
2. Make a spline from draw - double click on it and select "open" and exit, now you only have one line and not a closed spline.
Use sweep in 3D tools and select the circle as the object, select Basepoint (Basepoint is the center of the circle) and select (click on) the spline as the path.
Yup you got it. ;)
Try it 10 times so it sitting on your backboone. B)

Artemio's Photo Artemio 02 Apr 2022

I wish I could be less cunning with this solution and it's description.
Yeah, it was definitely not worthed it to use words like "head" and "tail" to describe spline etc.
Thanks for giving me growth point :) and giving a try to this variant of solution.