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Slice an 3d box and make it longer or shor...

Izno63's Photo Izno63 27 Feb 2022

Why can't i change the length, height or the width after i have slice a 3d box over?
When i make cables of cylinder, i make one long one insted of making alot of smalles, but when i slice it into pieses i can use they always has to be adjusted but it not possible.
But it applies to all 3D boxes that once you have cut in them you can not adjust the length, width or height.
Can this be changed so that you can fix cut 3D boxes.
And still could see the dimensions of these.
Love the program. Maybe not working with it correct or professionelt, but love to draw in it.
Thank you NanoCAD

Artemio's Photo Artemio 05 Mar 2022

Thank's for sharing your ideas.
This one is definitely worth of thinking.
Created request for developers (#40254) and attached your warm and inspiring comment.
Best regards!