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Isodraft 1 2 3

Paul Morrey's Photo Paul Morrey 12 Dec 2021

New to Nanocad so i`m just finding my way around the software. I`m using ver 21 on the free trial at the moment while I`m deciding to buy or subscribe.

When producing isometric drawings within Nanocad I was wondering if the commands - Isodraft1, Isodraft2 and Isodraft3 have menu and/or ribbon icons as i can`t seem to find them ?

Thanks for reading


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 13 Dec 2021

Hi Paul,
you can activate the Isometry toolbar:
Attached Image

Paul Morrey's Photo Paul Morrey 17 Dec 2021

Big thanks

I did find it after a bit of looking around.

Thanks again for the reply