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Failure to import drawing

john Kavanagh's Photo john Kavanagh 29 Sep 2021

Hi I am new to Nanocad 5 and I would appreciate help.

I did a previous drawing in autocad lite and I cannot import the drawing into Nanocad. A message comes up " Unknown Error" can you help.


Artemio's Photo Artemio 29 Sep 2021

Can you, please try to save your previous drawing in autocad lite as autocad 2007...2010 file (File -> Save as -> Files of type AutoCAD 2007 or 2010).
If you don't have AutoCAD where you created your file, try it with free dwg files viewer DWG TrueView to convert your drawing to lower version.
You can open NanoCAD "help" -> "about" to see, it's version is about 2013 year, so, you can't use it for files saved as autoCAD 2019, for example.
Or, you have a better solution - use nanoCAD Plus 20, for example!
Good luck!