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Linetypes in NanoCAD 5

TeaMan's Photo TeaMan 13 Sep 2021

Hello, I'm using NanoCAD 5 and in my drawing I need to draw setback lines. I can't use color, so I need to change the linetype. I am familiar with AutoCAD and the change command. To make is simple for myself, I tried to draw a continuous line as I normally do, then change it to a hidden line, or dashed line. I found the change command wasn't available. I was able to find a line edit command but when I tried to choose a different line type, none were available. I tried to load and there were none to load. Are there any other line types in NanoCAD 5 other than continuous?

I have to be missing something.

I also tried to open the layer, being layer 0, and clicked on the linetype and it was continuous with no other options to change it to. Maybe that's because it's layer zero?? I'm not sure, but am surprised I can't find any other line types. I keep thinking I'm missing something here. Two basic ones I can see people wanting other than continuous are hidden and center.

Please, any help is appreciated.


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 13 Sep 2021

Hi Ed,
you can add more linetypes to your drawing. Open LINETYPE dialog, click Load Linetype button, then choose on of available files - add the desired linetypes.

TeaMan's Photo TeaMan 15 Sep 2021

Thanks Helen. I tried to do that before I posted this and it didn't show anything. Now I tried again and it shows one that starts with Ghost, and two that start with Nanocad. Looks like all three have multiple linetypes in them. Thanks for the help, guess sometimes you need to try a second time.

TeaMan's Photo TeaMan 30 Sep 2021

I have one further question on linetypes. I was able to load multiple linetypes, but they are only available for that session of NanoCad. Is there a way in NanoCad 5 to add them to the base load of NanoCad, so they are available for all drawings and any new drawings? I don't know how it was done in AutoCad at my job, maybe a lisp routine, but all of our linetypes were available. Also, we had a command called Change, where you could type properties, then things like Color, LT for linetype and a couple more. Is there a command in NanoCad like this? If I open inspector, I'm able to select linetype and change it there, just wondering if it was available as a change command of sorts.


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 01 Oct 2021

You can add the desired linetypes to default.dwt template, and linetypes will be added to all new drawing. It is impossible to add linetypes to existing drawings.
nanoCAD 5 doesn't include CHANGE command.