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Rotating a line so it snaps on another lin...

TeaMan's Photo TeaMan 12 Sep 2021

Hi Everyone. I am still working on the plat map I've asked several questions about here that is done in architectural units. I finally figured out how to draw arc's using the table data I have on the surveyor drawing, so I can now draw my arc properly. To my disappointment, when I do and put it in place, the lines that it's supposed to intersect with fall short by a small amount. I can't figure out if it's a problem with the precision of the surveyors drawing, or if it's nanoCAD doing it. So, since it's only off a couple inches, I feel the straight lines are most important and define the main lot and it's shape, the arc is the road side of the lot. What I wanted to do is rotate my arc a little so it intersects with the line it should. To explain: I have a line on each side of the lot that go in a northerly direction. Then an arc that goes in an easterly to westerly direction. The arc doesn't stop at the boundary line, but extends into the next lot over, so I can't simply rotate the end down. I'd like to use the rotate command to rotate about the end that is on the East side and rotate the arc down so it touches and intersects with the line on the west side. The problem is, it doesn't stop at the end of the line that goes from north to south. Is there a way to get it to stop at this line so it intersects properly? I attached a PDF of a snip of the drawing showing the two lines and arc as well as where I'd like to rotate it to intersect.

Looking at the PDF I attached, the circle if you look close you can see doesn't intersect. This is what I want to accomplish, to get them to touch properly rather than rotating so it's as close as I can get it. The arrow is the other end of the arc that I will rotate from.

I'll explain how I generated the arc. I drew a line with the length of the ARC Chord and at the angle of the Chord Bearing. I then drew a line from the center of this chord line perpendicular at the distance of the arc Radius. I then chose the ARC by three points, chose the left side of the chord, clicked on end in the command line prompt, chose the other end of the chord, clicked on Radius on the command line prompt and clicked the end of the line that I drew perpendicular at the length of the radius. This drew the arc, and other than it not touching perfectly it sure looks like it's right. I then moved it by clicking it's end point and moving it to the line on the East side of the lot.

Hopefully there is a way to rotate it and get it to snap to the end of the lot line on the West side.

Thanks for any help.

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Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 13 Sep 2021

try to use REGEN command, probably your arc and line are intersected.