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Updating .dwg structure aka dwg break (AC1...

Wim's Photo Wim 28 Jul 2021

Dear All,

Is there any view to an update of NanoCad 5.0 or other part?

For example with implementation of .dwg 2018 standard or the socalled dwg break (AC1032)?
I've been using NanoCad with great pleasure and make good use of it but lately it becomes more and more bothersome to use it to it's fullest.
For roundabout two years now I've asked customers and clients of mine to supply me with .dwg 2013 (AC1027) drawings and to be able to deliver the As-Build drawings in AC1027; but this becomes more and more bothersome as more and more customers and clients of mine don't accept them any more.
Making use of converters is not a way of presentation since I can't check the output.

I'll be looking forward to your reaction.

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 02 Sep 2021

You can use other versions of nanoCAD - Plus, Pro, others, they support dwg2018 files.