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I installed NanoCAD, is it free to use in...


starletzzang's Photo starletzzang 14 Jan 2021

Hi? I am a beginner in Nano CAD. I installed NanoCAD, is it free to use in companies?
thanks you

pguimber's Photo pguimber 14 Jan 2021

Enjoy and thank's NanoSoft..

Thanks and support to NC by participating in this forum for example ...

See https://www.nanocad.com/page/OurVision

"We started to develop nanoCAD in 2008, inspired by the high piracy level in the global CAD software market. Our aim is to protect corporate CAD users from legal risks by offering them a reliable, free and 100% legal alternative: nanoCAD. More than half a million users of nanoCAD are proving that we are on the right track.

We distribute nanoCAD for free because we believe doing so will pay-off, both to our customers, and to us. At Nanosoft, we believe that professional CAD software should be as affordable as operating systems or VoIP application. The industry at large, and especially the customers, would be well served even if that were the only result of our efforts."