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Raster to Vector

Chad Lutsey's Photo Chad Lutsey 12 Aug 2020

Hi. I am staring down the barrel of about 800 raster .pdf's that are going to need to be turned into vectors. Anybody got any suggestions other than to quit and just go fishing??
Started working with a new customer and it appears that they have just scanned in images of drawings and called them .pdf. No layer information available and nothing to 'grab' when importing as .pdf. Downloaded 3dscan as someone mentioned that it might be possible to vectorize in that, but so far no luck.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'm headed to the lake with a bucket of beer...
Thanks, ~Chad

Kreator's Photo Kreator 13 Aug 2020

NC Plus with raster module can vectorize rasters. Other way is to use some utility like PDF to DWG Converter.

Chad Lutsey's Photo Chad Lutsey 14 Aug 2020

Thank you! I will delve a little more deeply into this over the weekend. Is the raster module something I need to request, or is it part of Plus already? I've tried a couple of converters online, but haven't found one that works well. Is there one that you like? One that you have found to work better than others? Thanks for the reply. Have a good evening. ~C

pguimber's Photo pguimber 17 Aug 2020

- if the pdf are images (pixelation at zoom): difficult!
- If the pdf are vectors (no pixelization on zoom): use PConPlanner (free) which reads the pdf and transforms it into dwg.


Chad Lutsey's Photo Chad Lutsey 17 Aug 2020

pguimber- Thanks. Yes, the pdf's have been reduced to simple images. No layers, no underlaying geometry, bad pixelation... Agreed. Very difficult. Hard even to trace by hand with a digitizing pen, much less a mouse. Tried the trial of 3dscan and it worked - to a degree - but have not heard back from NC as to a price yet. I'm hopeful it won't break my bank. So, am continuing to search for other alternatives in case it is simply too much for me. Thank you for the response ;) ~C

pguimber's Photo pguimber 18 Aug 2020

I have not tried but solutions like this (or other )?


Kreator's Photo Kreator 18 Aug 2020

View PostChad Lutsey, on 14 August 2020 - 12:15 AM, said:

Is the raster module something I need to request, or is it part of Plus already?
Yes, it is module that you have to buy separately. As I know, it is part of NC Pro. Better ask support. I guess you can install trial to test it.
And feel free to ask questions to support@nanocad.com

Chad Lutsey's Photo Chad Lutsey 18 Aug 2020

Thank you! I understood that it was only a part of 3dscan. I will check out pro right away. Have a great day! I will also take a look at VectorMagic. I would prefer to have everything in one place, but beggars must not be choosers... Thank you both

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 01 Sep 2020


international nanoCAD Pro does not contain Raster functionality. Did you try raster functinality in 3DScan? Is it enough for you?
If not - I can advice you to try WiseImage product https://csoft.com/pr...ersion-software

Chad Lutsey's Photo Chad Lutsey 21 Sep 2020

Hellen, Thank you for the response. Sorry I am tardy in my reply to you. Yes, I have tried 3Dscan and for the most part it did what I needed. It will all come down to a question of dollars and cents. At this time, I have not gotten a response for a quote on 3Dscan. I am exploring other options as well. If I run across something that works better than others, I will post a link. Again, thank you for taking the interest to reply. ~C