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Direct modeling

bb42's Photo bb42 08 Aug 2020

After having tested Nanocad some time ago I just installed the new 20 pro (trial) version, mainly beacause the new 'direct modeling' feature sounds promising, also I like the fair price scheme.
The other CAD software I use is 'DesignSpark Mechanical', and while it has some functional drawbacks and irritations, the direct modeling works fine there. Compared to this I found Nanocad (probably similar to AD Inventor and others) un-intuitive and cumbersome.

Nanocad, like Autocad, Inventor and seemingly all other CAD software relies on a sketch-oriented approach, typical for technicians and engineers with classical experience - always thinking in 'technische Zeichnung', 2D sketches with measurements etc.
As I dont have this background I found the Designspark approach right for me - you can always select any surface or facet and move, change, project, scale it. Downside is, there is no detailed history - you can undo steps, but only one after another, so any other (correct) changes are drawn back if you want ro revert an older (faulty) one.
So there are pros and cons of both approaches.

So, my wishes for Nanocad 21:
  • Option for direct (3D) modeling of all surfaces, facets, objects etc.
  • Secondly, a smoother rendering of 3D views would be fine (compare Designspark 5 with the 'WARP' renderer option).

pguimber's Photo pguimber 08 Aug 2020

and with https://www.bricsys.com/fr-fr/shape/
or Sketchup v17 ?

bb42's Photo bb42 09 Aug 2020

Intersting hints, thanks:
- BrisCAD mechanical, which is needed for assemblies, costs 1.300$ per year.
This may be fair in relation to Autocad, but still a hinderance in the first phase of a startup project.
- Sketchup I tested some time ago, no serious CAD imho, but I'll give V17 a new try
5 minutes later - installed, tested, uninstalled .. sorry

pguimber's Photo pguimber 10 Aug 2020

View Postpguimber, on 08 August 2020 - 01:02 PM, said:

Shape is free