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Command line autocomplete

Tenbob1's Photo Tenbob1 03 Apr 2020

I am a new user of nanoCAD 5.0 free. It is an excellent product and has good compatibility with DraftSight that I used previously.

I mainly use the command line and found it's rather tricky to use autocomplete. The instructions say type the first few letters of a command then a box pops up. Hit TAB then use the up and down arrows to select the command you want.

This works, but is a bit tricky. There is an annoying BEEP every time I hit TAB. Why is this? Have I made an error? It seems to work OK.

In addition I would like to use the mouse to select the command from the pop up. This sometimes works, but often the pop up disappears as soon as you move the mouse.

So two suggestions, please
  • Remove the BEEP
  • Make it easier to select commands with the mouse
Thanks for the program.

Wayne Pinnow's Photo Wayne Pinnow 24 Sep 2020

this is a good question … but no answers yet.

it would be nice if you could configure the time this list stays open (when moving the mouse), or be able to have the list open up where your mouse cursor currently "sits", and then be use the mouse to select within the list. It appears that if your mouse is outside of this list area, as soon as you move toward the list -- it disappears; yet if I place the mouse cursor in a location near enough to cover the cursor when the autocomplete list opens, now the mouse can work in the list.


Christos Symeon's Photo Christos Symeon 15 Dec 2020

I was not used to it, but I got used to it rather easily, selecting by mouse, not with the tabs and arrows (no beeps that way either).
Getting use to the cursor menus (and mouse clicking there) I found the entity selection menu, for overlapping lines, to be powerful and very useful - though that too was confusing at first