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nanoCAD Plus 20 beta test


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 23 Mar 2020

Beta version of nanoCAD Plus 20 is available!
Download it here: https://nanocad.com/page/Betatester

We are waiting for your comments. Found bug? Run into a problem? Have wishes? Please fill this online form.
You also can send message to our Support Center support@nanocad.com

Alvaro's Photo Alvaro 28 Mar 2020

El programa no se centra en la pantalla.

L Serrel's Photo L Serrel 29 Mar 2020

Can it be installed in parallel with other versions of Nanocad on the same Computer?

Pierluigi Bucolo's Photo Pierluigi Bucolo 30 Mar 2020

Yes, It's possible to install 2 versions. I'm using R5 and R20.

Pierluigi Bucolo's Photo Pierluigi Bucolo 03 Apr 2020

Hi Hellen,

I note this is the right place for bug...

BTW; I submitted two possible bug using the form, but I've not any feedback about.
I noted other possible isue, it's correct to submit using the form in the link "on line fomr" in the first post ?

Because it's possible that the new issue is related to previous questions I submitted, It's better to wait answer before submit new cases ?


ukamti's Photo ukamti 07 Apr 2020

Hi there,
I installed program & registered with provided serial number and it showed an expiry of may2020 but suddenly after some time the program is asking again for registration and when tried with same key it is saying period exhausted. Has the beta testing closed already or its a problem?

ukamti's Photo ukamti 13 Apr 2020

Thanks the problem is resolved, I would like to know if updating windows may generate the problem again??

AndyT's Photo AndyT 07 May 2020

im new to this forum
im now using nano cad 20 + i like it but there are some issues not big ones at the moment im trying to get the curser to find the centre of a Hexagon, it finds the centre of the circles but not a hexagon, ?
also im finding that when i want to highlight multiple lines or items before a comand i have to hold down the ctrl key +shift
these are not huge but for me can be time consuming...

for any replies to this as i say im new so be gentle


Edwin Cámara Mena's Photo Edwin Cámara Mena 13 May 2020

For me, this beta is very very stable. No bugs at the moment.

pguimber's Photo pguimber 27 May 2020

And for me too !