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Hatch triming

simas's Photo simas 19 Dec 2012

First of all, i like how fast and snappy nanocad is (fastest of all freeware cad software i've tested yet - and i tested a fair share of them lately). And it handles text and fonts nicely (can't say that about some of rivals - and that is very important, because it's useless with messed up fonts).

So, the only function i'm missing so far is hatch trimming (i see that boundary can be modified by dragging points, but trimming is missing). Modifying boundary is not enough, because sometimes new shapes for a hatch aren't that simple and those boundary control points are too few. A simple trim (like in autocad 2008 adn newer) would do the trick for me. It's kinda important for me, because i work with urban planning, and there are lots of different overlaping hatches in my plans... So after making any changes i have to delete old hatches and make new, where i could just trim at least some of them.

Good luck!