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installation of NanoCAD Plus in terminal s...

Gert Cleuren's Photo Gert Cleuren 17 Dec 2019


A client of us would like to make use of the nanocad software (the free version).
They work via citrix terminal servers and are provisioned as you can read below:
  • 1 master image which we configure, install nanocad and register the product.
  • Once the master image is complete, we deploy this master image to 5 different servers. When those servers are deployed, the activation is no longer valid and it needs to be reapplied. The issue is that administrator rights are necessary to do so. We can't give our end users local admin rights on the terminal servers.
Is it in any way possible to register the deployed servers automatically so that the end users can make use of nanocad software without giving our end users local admin rights?

Best regards