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Frequently Asked Questions

Can nanoCAD be used for commercial, educational and other purposes for free?

Yes. nanoCAD is free software. You should register nanoCAD to use it without limitations for commercial, professional, educational and other purposes as an individual or corporate. Registration is free and you will be granted a one-year renewable license for nanoCAD.

How to register nanoCAD?

Registration is not required to install and run nanoCAD in demo mode. You have to register nanoCAD to use it for commercial purposes. See detailed instruction on how to install and register nanoCAD.

Why should I register nanoCAD?

nanoCAD has demo mode and you are able to download the software from our own or third party resources and use it without registration or having to obtain a serial number. In this mode nanoCAD is fully functional. Technical limitations of a demo mode are rudimentary - “Demo version” stamp will appear on your printed page.

However, user should register nanoCAD to use it for commercial, professional, educational and other purposes. Terms of use of nanoCAD are stipulated in the License agreement. You get computer-locked license for your copy of nanoCAD during registration. It is a one-year renewable license. More on nanoCAD registration-->.

I forgot password for licensing

It is not a problem. There is a link 'Forgot password?' in a bottom of each page. Click on it and your password will be sent to your mailbox.

Why is nanoCAD free while similar programs you have to pay for?

nanoCAD is a multi-purpose CAD platform with basic functions. The main business of Nanosoft is CAD applications' development for various industries. These applications are based on the nanoCAD platform. nanoCAD is free to use and share while applications based on the nanoCAD are not.

We supply CAD developers with free CAD platform for development also. More on the nanoCAD Developers Club-->

Please visit www.nanocad.ru/products (in Russian) to learn more about Nanosoft CAD solutions.

How to allocate more RAM for nanoCAD?

If you want a 32-bit operating system to allocate more RAM for nanoCAD™, select the “3Gb” option, as the Windows 32-bit operating system has limits of allocated RAM for one application. Read more in the article: Enabling 3GB switch on Windows Vista™, Windows 7 or Windows XP.

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