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Drawing Template xy reference

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Posted 20 May 2024 - 01:12 PM


I am required to draw blocks using nanocad and have connections between blocks. When we print out the drawings, we are required to have A B C D E.... at the top of the drawing and 1 2 3 4....on the right and left sides of the drawing. If the model does not fit within the drawing template, we will need to break the model into various drawings and have a connection reference based on drawing Sheet number, X Y reference labels. For example, if the connection between 2 blocks is located at A8, then when we break it into 2 sheets, the connection label for sheet 1 will look as 2-A8, and the connection on sheet 2 will look as 1-A8. The labels basically say what sheet it is connected to and where on the sheet. My questions.

1. How do I create the A B C D E....1 2 3 4 labels on the sides? Can this be placed on the model space?
2. Is there a way to automatically put the labels when I break the connection? Because the model space is too big for a the drawing paper size?
3. How can I match the A B C D E...1 2 3 4 labels on the model space and the drawing sheets so that the labels will be accurate?

Sorry if it might be confusing. I am not a nanocad expert. I am still in the process of learning. But what I need nanocad for is not too complex. I just need to draw blocks w/ connections, place it on a drawing with labels. I attached a drawing with the A B C D and 1 2 3 4 on the sides as an example. The only difference is that the letters should be on top and the numbers on the side. Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.

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