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Costumizing complex library objects

MechWizard customize windows

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#1 Christos Symeon


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Posted 02 October 2022 - 06:14 PM

I would like to add windows to the Library, to use for architecture.
Starting with a good drawing AND the parameters is a good way to customize any object. I want to customize the 3 basic windows that are in NanoCAD's default Library, under the Architecture > Windows folder.
I can start by duplicating an existing window, from MechWizard, to take advantage of the scripting (that cuts walls, etc)
I can get a sketch by inserting an instance of a window object.
Is there a way to also get the parameters: the dimensions graphically? from the default?
How else can I make changes to the geometry and use the same parameters (and maybe some additional) and scripts?
Is there a repository of the default library objects, geometry and parameters?

I have purchased a NanoCAD platform and it expires soon. I downloaded the Construction and Mechanica 22 to test and think I will like to upgrade, when I renew. So I'm using a trial download to do testing.

#2 Christos Symeon


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Posted 03 October 2022 - 07:35 AM

The knowledge and possibility to make user defined objects by modifying objects of dedicated classes - like the windows, as requested above, has a value in itself, is more general.
For the specific example of windows I see two more ways of making more complex than the basic window, in order to have a large window consisting of many sashes:
1- grouping two library instances, so that from a single glazing plane I can have two or more
2- adding constraints between two windows next to each other.
I think both could work, does anybody know the differences? Which is better suited?

I think both would have a limitation, despite his appearing as one large window graphically, a list of windows, would show them has two or more rather than the correct one item.
Edit: The group shows up as one "item" in the library, not sure how the markers and numbering will work... testing
Still both are workarounds with limitations compared to dedicated window objects for different types.

How can I make my own windows, using the advantages over the window class and scripts?

#3 Thasniayoob


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Posted 10 March 2023 - 03:56 AM

Right-click the object you want to add to the library to open a menu. Point to Edit, then Add User Library, then select New User Library.

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