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nanoCAD Eng 4.5

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 03:15 PM

What's new in nanoCAD Eng 4.5 for developers:
  • API Logger. When a not implemented function/method is called, the dialog box is shown
  • APPLOAD command now supports loading and auto-loading of both modules and applications
  • Sample nanoCAD vertical application installer (WiX 3.7 is required to build the installer sample)
What's new in MultiCAD.NET (alpha)
  • Implemented serialization to the existing object graph. Now drawings could be synchronized with external data sources
  • Geometry library is significantly extended. All geometry classes are now serializable
  • McDocument now implements McPropertySource. It is now possible to save/read arbitrary data from Document
  • Block and layout related methods of McDocument are significantly extended
  • InputJig is significantly extended. Added context menu processing, GetDistance, GetAngle, GetOption, snap modes, input processing modes, Select Object with monitor
  • Implemented class McNotificator for modeless message windows
List of changes requested by the Club members:

EN16 MdiActiveDocument is null in Initialize() when assembly is loaded by [\NetModules] section

EN113 Cannot use vbs Array(0,0,0) as a point in InsertBlock

EN37 Make command LAYER compatible with Lisp
EN40 Make command XREF compatible with Lisp
EN42 Make command DEL compatible with Lisp
EN43 Make command RECTANG compatible with Lisp
EN47 Make command ZOOM compatible with Lisp
EN48 Make command OPEN compatible with Lisp
EN51 Make command MIRROR compatible with Lisp
EN80 Implement auto-loading of LISP files
EN86 list_box does not automatically show the first list element
EN109 Allow to omit .dcl extension in load_dialog
EN110 Cannot open zero-length file for read with (open)
EN118 Controls in DCL dialogs are stuck together

EN116 Call to ncedCommand() raises "Cannot run command, another command is active" error
RU69 Implement acedSSDel()
RU57 Implement CAcUiColorComboBox
RU56 CAcUiLineWeightComboBox should be derived from CAcUiMRUComboBox (not from CComboBox)

APPLOAD command now supports startup modules. Installed applications are listed in APPLOAD/Startup Suite
.NET modules can be loaded with both NETLOAD and APPLOAD commands
EN33 Command 'attedit'. Missing attributes, attribute tags do not update
EN66 pre select high light entity
EN84 Implement CDATE sysvar
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