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Can't save to Google Drive File Stream

Richard Hammond's Photo Richard Hammond 05 Apr 2019

I am trying to save my nanocad file directly into the drive letter set up by Google Drive. When I press save, nothing happens. My work around is to save to my local drive then drag and drop the file into the google drive folder. But for some reason I cannot save directly into the Drive folder.
Any thoughts?

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 15 Apr 2019

nanoCAD doesn't work with virtual drives. Please, save your file on PC, then copy it to the virtual drive.

PEC's Photo PEC 10 May 2019

I have the same issue. I tried marking the folder as "Available Offline". I also tried disconnecting from an internet connection which should force the application to use the offline cached copy of the file. Neither of those helped with NanoCad.

I have one other software app I have discovered (so far) that was not even able to open its files when marked "available offline" when I was actually online. So, it isn't just NanoCad software that has issues with Google Drive FIle Stream.

For NanoCad operations I will continue to only work with files that are copied to a normal file structure on a local physical drive.