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Printed text thickness problem

JMarton's Photo JMarton 30 Sep 2018

Hi Everyone!

does anyone know the phenomenom of the printed text being blanch? I set the thickness of the layer in the layer manager, but it doesn't change. Only the text is thin, the lines are fine.

I'm trying to change the properties, but nothing.

Interestingly, it works well for one of the drawings, not the other one. Every set is the same.

Thx in advance


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Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 01 Oct 2018

Hello Marton,
what version of nanoCAD do you use?
Please, send us your drawing file. Attach it here or send us to support@nanocad.com

MatPrimeau's Photo MatPrimeau 28 Apr 2019

Hi Marton,

I get the same problem. I defined my lineweights by color, they all print correctly except for the text, which print very thin whatever color I put.

Did you solve your problem? If so, how did you do?

Thank you,