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Unable to Copy or Move Blocks

Travis Danner's Photo Travis Danner 05 Jun 2018

I have used NanoCad5.0 for some time. I have been using a trial version of NanoCad Pro for the last few days. I opened and made changes to one of my CAD5 files in CADPro. Everything seemed to be working great . . . until I find that I am no longer able to more or copy blocks in either CAD5 or CADPro in any file that I opened and saved using CADPro. This took several days to manifest. I have no issues with files I did not open using CADPro.

Is there a way recover this files or are the corrupted beyond repair?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you,

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 06 Jun 2018

Hello Travis,
maybe your files were edited in other programs?
It would be helpful if you could send us one of the drawing files, here or to support@nanocad.com

Travis Danner's Photo Travis Danner 06 Jun 2018

Problem solved. User error. A layer had inadvertently been locked. Locking a layer is not something I generally do (or ever) and therefore did not even think to look there.