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Problems in Autocad with dimensions create...

Carlo Corbetta's Photo Carlo Corbetta 08 Mar 2018

Hello everybody,

I've been a satisfied user of Nanocad 5.0.2520.1471 Build 2000 (free) for months, but lately I get a critical compatibility problem with Autocad.

Every dimension created in Nanocad (even starting from the standard black template) gives an error if copied / trimmed by Crtl+C / Ctrl+x in Autocad (mechanical or standard).

Dimension and its properties are correctly displayed in Autocad, but if you try to copy it the program pops up a generic message "Copy to clipboard failed".

Of course no error happening in Nanocad.

This compatibility problem has been reported by a couple of customers already, using different versions of Autocad, and I can say it started a couple of months ago as I use Nanocad since months for quick editing of less important documents and never received a bad feedback.

You can find a basic file that shows this strange behaviour

Thanks in advance for the feedback

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Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 12 Mar 2018

answered from Support Center.