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Solid hatch is not inserted

Fabrizio's Photo Fabrizio 20 Feb 2018

If I want to fill an area with the "solid" style nanocad 8 Plus tells me: "unable to fill the boundary" and does not insert the hatch, while with other styles it does not?

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 22 Feb 2018

Hello Fabrizio,
send us drawing file, please.

Fabrizio's Photo Fabrizio 23 Mar 2018

To better explain the problem, I recorded the screen while I was doing a test.
As you can see, once you have selected the hatch, if you use solid, even if you click on ok nothing happens, if you change the hatch it will be inserted.


Fabrizio's Photo Fabrizio 23 Mar 2018

This is a file on which the problem occurs

Attached Files


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 26 Mar 2018

what version of nanoCAD do you use? Can you send me build number?

Ravikumar Bharate's Photo Ravikumar Bharate 10 Sep 2019

check variable " fillmode"

for solid hatch --- fillmode should be 1