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Simple Print Operation

Scott Menard's Photo Scott Menard 14 Feb 2018

I am new to CAD and need help with two operations. When the file opens everything is in one big view and the Layout Sheets (Pages to print I assume) are scatter all over the place.
  • How to I select only the Layout sheets with their respective content and print them?
  • Once this accomplished, I would to be able to save each page and or content of that page to a separate dwg file so I can import it to other programs for modeling.
My apologies for this obvious ignorant question but I have no clue how to do this so I would very much appreciate the steps for these two procedures. I do plan to get more familiar with NanoCad over time but right now need these two steps.


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 16 Feb 2018

Hi Scott,

1. Set Window for Plot area in Plot dialog, set new window or add, if you plan to plot several windows at once.
2. To create new file with layout objects, select all objects and then export with "Selection only" mode. Note that export selected doesn't work in nanoCAD 5.