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dialog box

Gabriele Cespuglio's Photo Gabriele Cespuglio 21 Sep 2016

I can no more display text style dialog box, in only have command line. Is there a command to make it show up?

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 22 Sep 2016

use STYLE command, not -STYLE
Or call dialog from Format menu

Gabriele Cespuglio's Photo Gabriele Cespuglio 23 Sep 2016

That's exactly what I'm doing, but no dialog shows up anymore (but it used to do).
Maybe I mess up some VAR: value?

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 26 Sep 2016

no variable...
try to crear part of registry: run Regedit, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nanosoft\nanoCAD x64 Plus\8.1\ and delete Profiles folder.
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