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New and kinda slow at this.

Robert Eller's Photo Robert Eller 12 Mar 2016

Hi all. Im Robert and Im brand new to this. I am doing designs for projects for production and need to learn how to be efficient with this so I dont have to hand draw everything. Mostly just simple 2D drawings, not complex, but details are everything. I need to learn how to do drawings to scale WITH the dimensions and how to lay out say... a series of square holes evenly spaced along a line and how to insert the dimensions so the are easy to read and understand. The things Im doing will be used by the fabricators to do CNC for these projects. Where do I start? Ive already tried to figure out how to just input dimensions to make a basic rectangle and Im completely lost. Im a bit old and slow.

SevaM's Photo SevaM 15 Mar 2016

Hello Robert,
nanoCAD is quite simailar to AutoCAD software by interface and commands. You can find a lot of free trainings and books for AutoCAD in internet.

Try to start with "The Hitchhiker's Guide to AutoCAD Basics"


or check for list of guides and references on



"A Simple Guide: 12 steps to Master AutoCAD" http://www.cad-notes...tering-autocad/

Additional Getting Started Content https://knowledge.au...ted#?sort=score

Best regards,