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Nanocad openen from miscrosoft WORD

AWL vd Dussen's Photo AWL vd Dussen 09 Nov 2015

Several years ago I made some WORD documents with DWG-files in it. The whole dwaring was visible. When I clicked on these DWG-image it opened Autocad so I could make changes onto the drawing. Now i don't have Autocad anymore so I searched for a replacement and found NanoCAD.

When I now add a DWG-file into a WORD Document it is only shown as an pictogram and not the whole drawing. Older documents with a DWG-file in it won't open NanoCAD.

Is this a problem with NanoCAD or Microsoft? When I click twice on a DWG-file in WIndows Explorer it opens with NanoCAD.

What do I need to do to make the whole DWG-file visible as an drawing and not as an pictogram in WORD?

Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 09 Nov 2015

that is not problem. That is feature, and we are working on it now. I suppose, it may be ready next year.
So double-click editing from Word is not available.

Now you can only save the drawing as image and paste it to Word. Drawing will be visible, without editing.

AWL vd Dussen's Photo AWL vd Dussen 09 Nov 2015

Thank you for your quick reply. Than nanoCAD isn't a program that I can use at this moment Sorry.