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New beta-software: nanoCAD SPDS

SevaM's Photo SevaM 27 Mar 2015

nanoCAD SPDS Beta version is available for download.
To join beta-testing program go to

More information about software - http://nanocad.com/page/BetaSPDS

Vladimir's Photo Vladimir 30 Mar 2015

С ходу ... 15 секунд теста.
При вставке двери в круглую стену, не зачищается проем (окна - аналогично)

Attached File  Screenshot from 2015-03-30 14:02:18.png (239.56K)
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Branchesi Simone's Photo Branchesi Simone 01 Apr 2015

Tool: Find
Context: Draw made in autocad 2013

Issue: The tool don't find text in object Multileader

Bryan Gilbert's Photo Bryan Gilbert 06 Apr 2015

Under the Tools menu, the option for Advansed Settings... should read Advanced with a C. This was the first thing I saw when I opened the software.