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Publish/Plot/Export to WEB .jpg

Maja's Photo Maja 23 Jan 2014


I am new user of NanoCad5. I like it so far.
Is there an option to plot or publish to .jpg, so the output is raster image?


Hellen_V's Photo Hellen_V 24 Jan 2014

Hello Maja, welcome to nanoCAD!

NanoCAD hasn't special option to plot or publish to .jpg. You can plot your drawing to .pdf (select Internal PDF Plotter) and then convert to .jpg, or make the screenshot.

SevaM's Photo SevaM 27 Jan 2014

Hello Maja,

you also can try some free Virtual raster printer drivers like http://sourceforge.n...s/imageprinter/ - it will be installed like usual printer and you plot your Image. Also it's some free PDF pinters - nanoCAD Internal PDF Printer is available only in Plus version.

Best regards,