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New to NanoCAD - Questions on customisation (mimic AutoCAD)

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Posted 18 August 2019 - 08:22 PM

Hi All

New NanoCAD user. I found this in my quest to find an solution for a home use "version" of AutoCAD. I have used ACAD for about 20 years in my electrical design etc (all 2D work), and find it a very comfortable way to do a lot of my designing with and wanted something for at home as well.

The issue I am faced with now is that with using ACAD for so long with my personal customisations that muscle memory kicks in all the time and I am very slow with NanoCAD.

So, is it possible to do the following with NanoCAD.

Emulate the pgp file from ACAD. I have a lot of customised shortcuts. e.g. the standard L for line, but c for copy (instead of circle). cr for circle etc.

I use one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse, and the right click is enter - NanoCAD does not seem to do this, even though I though I found the option to have right click as enter. My use is (as an example a line), L with the left hand , right click with the right hand and start drawing (using ortho modes - none of this using co-oridnates etc). Have I missed something obvious in the setup of NanoCAD and if so where do I go to get this finctionality.

If this is all answered somewhere else, please just point me in the right direction. I did do a search but at the time of writing this post, had found nothing.



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